I'm Wendy Derrick and this is my story


Passionate about People Development

The Founder of Leading Confidently Ltd, I am an Award Winning, ILM L7 Executive Leadership & Confidence Coach, Master Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coach, Time Line Therapist (Master), Master of  Hypnotherapy and Kinetic Shift Practioner. I'm also a qualified Leadership Trainer and Assessor with many years of leadership & management experience. 

I know first hand the challenges leaders face in today's business environment and I know what it feels like to inwardly struggle to get your voice heard.

I have experienced a crisis of confidence and struggled with self doubt so I know exactly how limiting self beliefs can hold you back. 

Wendy Derrick Confidence Coach Leading Confidently

Own Your Own Mind

However, I also know what it feels like to thrive at the top of your game, to feel confident and empowered and have the ability to dismantle those limiting self beliefs and banish self doubt.

I have trained and coached literally hundreds of people throughout my 30+ years in L&D in public (policing & education), private and third sector. I have equipped my clients with a tool kit of psychological strategies that have enabled them to transform their lives to achieve long lasting, powerful mindset shifts.


My Why - Determined to Make a Difference

Whether its in the UK or overseas, empowering people through learning and development is what truly motivates me. Our flagship programme #OwnYourOwnMind supports clients to get out of their own head and out of their own way, to achieve the results they only dreamed of.