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What Can #OwnYourOwnMind do for you?

Are you a female leader or woman in business plagued by bouts of self doubt? Do you sometimes feel anxious and lack the self confidence you need when speaking up in meetings, public speaking or pitching your business?  Do you sometimes feel stuck, invisible, undervalued and overlooked? Would you like to feel consistently confident and truly believe in yourself? YES ?

Right now I am helping people just like you to ‘get out of their head and out of their way.'  Call me.

What We Do

A word from Wendy Derrick, our Founder and Director.

Experts in Coaching, Consultancy & Leadership Development

Wendy Derrick Mindset Sift Coaching 
Wendy Derrick Certified Master NLP Coach
Master of Hypnotherapy

Mind Coaching for Lasting Change

Learning & Development Consultancy

Learning & Development Consultancy

Do you find yourself grappling with an inner conflict? Do you sometimes you feel you can do something and sometimes you feel you cannot?

Sometimes you are confident and motivated to succeed, sometimes you're not. What sets us apart from traditional coaches is that we work with your unconscious mind to transform your mindset and consequently your behaviour. This approach brings about quick and long lasting behavioural change.  Our award winning Master NLP coaches use a combination of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques, Time Line Therapy®, Kinetic Shift and Hypnotherapy to help you rewire your mind and achieve the results you only dreamed were possible. 

We will help you reprogram your mind to develop the strength, courage, and confidence you need to break free from that thing that's holding you back.

In other words, we'll help you get out of your own head and out of your own way! 

Whether its :

  • anxiety
  • low self esteem or lack of self confidence
  • your weight
  • self image
  • relationship conflict
  • unwanted habits
  • phobias
  • sleeping problems
  • career change
  • preparation for a new job or promotion
  • public speaking nerves  
  • bereavement

Who would benefit ?

We work with children and adults of all ages. Our clients come from a range of backgrounds. Our doors are open to anyone who is ready to change their mindset and make the change they want in their life. Our confidential one to one therapy starts the minute you make contact with a free 30 minute consultation. 

Why choose us?

Quality of service is extremely important to us. You can rest assured that our award winning Coaches have the right qualifications and experience. They are accredited with the Association for Coaching, the Institute of Leadership and Management (Executive Level7), UK Hypnosis Academy, Time Line Therapy® Association and the American Board of NLP Practioners. We adhere strictly to the European Mentoring and Coaching Council Code of Ethics.


Learning & Development Consultancy

Learning & Development Consultancy

Learning & Development Consultancy

With over 25 years experience in L&D from tactical delivery through to strategic management we can support you to achieve outstanding organisational performance.

We  : 

  • Design and deliver innovative learning and development programmes that meet your specific organisational and people performance needs.

  • Design and implement performance appraisal systems

  • Introduce and embed coaching and mentoring into your organisation.

  • Undertake performance related training needs analysis.

  • Support key change programmes through effective learning and development.

Critical Friend Service : 

Questioning your current L&D provision ?

With over 25 years experience and success in effective L&D interventions we can help you review your current provision, identify your strengths and areas for improvement and recommend a plan of action for operational and organisation success!

Wendy Derrick Neuro Science and Leadership

Leadership Development

Learning & Development Consultancy

Leadership Development

 At Leading Confidently we believe that effective leadership is about first being able to understand and lead ourselves. Only then can we unlock the potential of others. 

Leadership development therefore starts with the building of self confidence, self-awareness and then applying it to understand and effectively lead others. 


Delivered by our award winning, ILM Level 7 qualified and experienced Executive Coaches, Leadership Trainers and Assessors, our development programmes will :

- support your leaders to project a credible leadership presence

- gain visibility 

- develop and maintain high performing teams.


We offer practical and work related Leadership  training . In our Confidently series we offer: 

  • Leading Confidently : A series of Leadership and Management Programmes from first line to middle management
  • Managing Teams Confidently : Establishing and Maintaining High Performing Teams 
  • Communicating Confidently:  Communication Skills
  • Managing Performance Confidently
  • Managing Difficult Behaviour Confidently 
  • Having Difficult Conversations Confidently
  • Speaking Up In Meetings Confidently 
  • Saying No Confidently 
  • Selling Confidently 
  • Presenting Confidently 
  • Public Speaking Confidently 
  • Interviewing Confidently 
  • Changing Your Career Confidently 
  • Implementing Change Confidently

New for 2019/20  : 

  • #OwnYourOwnMind - Young Adults
  • #OwnYOurOwnMind - Primary School Children 
  • #BrainTalkAtThe Barbers - Men's Mental Health 
  • #OwnYourOwnMind - Women in Policing,
  • #OwnYourOwnMind -  Women in Business
  • Psychological Resilience in Leadership 
  • Creating a Culture of Excellence
  • The Psychodynamic Approach to Leadership