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NLP Coaching with Master NLP Coach Wendy Derrick

Listen to Shairon's story. After just one therapy session with one of our Master Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coaches she was able to break a chocolate habit, gained confidence in public speaking and began sleeping much better at night. Video produced by

A Psycho-dynamic Approach to Leadership Development with Wendy Derrick

Understanding how Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) can benefit those of us in a leadership position sets this leadership programme apart from all the others. Listen to what this delegate has to say. #OwnYourOwnMind

#OwnYourOwnMind Programme with Wendy Derrick

If you want to know more about our #OwnYourOwnMind programme, which is great for organisations that want to invest in their staff so they are able to think more positively, then listen to what Mari-Wyn had to say about the programme. Video produced by


Wendy Derrick Confidence Coach Leading Confidently

Mark Milton, Director of People and Organisational Development, Avon and Somerset Constabulary


I am happy to endorse Wendy's skill and experience. As one of my most effective senior managers Wendy's instinctive understanding of the business need and innovative solutions were a key part of our success. Of particular note was her work in developing an accredited learning programme for our key public service centre staff was of the highest quality delivering outstanding learning to important staff. Moreover, Wendy was key to the breadth of thinking in our leadership team. During the time we worked together she helped developed new organisational structures to ensure that we met tougher financial challenges yet at the same time delivered quality learning and development to our workforce. All in all an outstanding asset.

Stacey Adamiec - Award Winning Entrepreneur

I received support from Wendy at Leading Confidently leading up to a recent speaking engagement where I wasn't feeling my usual self about the opportunity, which Wendy found the root cause of this right away. With a combination of phone, Skype and in person support (in a most beautiful comfortable setting) I was really surprised to gain immediate results. The shorter phone sessions really put a stop to limiting thoughts and beliefs and kept me on track to deliver high value content turning fear into excitement. The 2 hour session with Wendy in person is worth investing in yourself. It really reset my mindset, removed barriers and the techniques were easy to follow with long lasting results. I couldn't say anything until the talk was over because we did so much subconscious change I didn't want to risk jinxing anything! But now I can I want to say this led to an outstanding experience of personal achievement with extremely high feedback thanks to Wendy's contribution to the preparation process which she went out of her way to make happen. Developing my mindset I felt she unlocked my potential I was hiding away with limitations and she helped develop my confidence to communicate my message efficiently without any doubting myself. The biggest result is the change in me no more negative chatter I had unknowingly started accepting and I have grown on such a personal level I feel I have been set free.

Gareth Morgan Midlands Regional Manager at Driving for Better Business

I have worked with Wendy within the Learning and Development Department at South Wales Police for the past 10 years. Without doubt I have always been impressed with her tenacity in achieving results. Wendy is particularly driven by ensuring women are represented well within the workplace.  Over the years she has managed some considerable difficulties within the department. One specifically relating to the comprehensive spending reviews following the economic crash. During this particular time her focus was on delivering a strategic goal/plan for the organisation and ultimately the tax payers of South Wales, but moreover maximising the retention of posts for staff in particular, yes she is a people person through and through.  As a qualified Coach ,I have witnessed her develop staff in a manner which creates student centred learning, maximising the learning experience to the benefit of all present. Having developed specific learner projects which, incidentally won her and her team national recognition she is a credit to the leadership and coaching profession.  Wendy epitomises the culture of: Leadership, openness, objectivity and fairness. She does this always with honesty, accountability, integrity, respect and above all a selfless approach in all she undertakes.

Leanne Jones Regulatory Change Manager - Principality Building Society, Board Trustee and Director

I was fortunate enough to have Wendy as my trainer for my Institute of Leadership & Management qualification. Her coaching and support meant that not only did I successfully complete the course but I added real value to my department through the process. She has an uncanny knack of helping you see the way forward for yourself, of focussing in the right areas for you and your team and most importantly, finding the confidence and conviction in you and your abilities.   

The majority of our cohort of students maintained contact with Wendy and I for one greatly value her advice and wealth of experience. I truly believe that I owe a massive part of my recent promotion to Wendy and I am ever grateful.   

I hope to always have Wendy’s consultancy to support me as I progress and develop in my career. I think I have learnt so much more in a short space of time from Wendy than any other yet in my career.   

I can only say thank you Wendy.

Nia Manon Jenkins, Architectural Technologist, RIO Architects

Wendy was a very inspiring mentor of mine during a period of uncertainty. I feel that she enabled me to view things from a different perspective, a perspective I had never even considered. And through consistent guidance, advice and support she helped me grow as an individual and helped me view myself and my goals in a different light.   I would with no doubt recommend Wendy as a coach with vast experience who will always be there to support and offer guidance.

Wendy Donovan, Client Services Manager, Barclaycard

Wendy is an inspirational lady whose talent is to motivate others and give them the confidence and self belief that enables them to exceed their expectations. She has vast experience and knowledge, which she willingly shares to enable others to deal with and overcome the hurdles and challenges they face within their daily roles. she celebrates the success of others and is delighted when clients reach their goals.